Other Preventive Maintenance Services

Water Treatment:
Air Conditioning Systems which operate through cooling towers must have periodic water treatment performed to ensure the integrity of this major component. Cooling Towers spray water through the air where it is highly oxygenated and becomes corrosive to metal piping and system components. This corrosion can foul and clog the system to the point where it will cease to function properly. Untreated cooling towers can also become a breeding ground for algae and bacteria, which can interfere with equipment efficiency and operation, as well as creating organisms that can be threatening to human health (ie. Legionella). Proper water treatment will assist in extending the lifespan of the cooling tower, as well as providing a healthier environment for the building’s inhabitants. All water based systems require proper water treatment. Contact us to discuss a water treatment plan that will fit your system need.

Coil Cleaning:
Airborne dirt and debris caused by car exhaust, buses, trucks, diesel generators, smoke stacks, kitchens and other sources of dirt, soot and grease cause enormous problems with mechanical equipment that relies on outside air. One of the most sensitive of these devices is the air cooled condenser. The condenser consists of tightly finned copper coils that are the point at which commercial air conditioning systems reject heat into the outside air. To accomplish this, vast amounts of air are blown across these coils by powerful fans. When this air contains all this dirt and debris the coils become dirty, which blocks the air from passing over coils. This causes the compressor to work harder and will eventually lead to total system failure and/or possible compressor failure. There are several solutions available to alleviate this problem such as periodic coil cleanings, installing UV-lighting, and other indoor air quality equipment (IAQ).