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     Summertime is officially here!  And it's during this hot stretch of the year the most that we rely on our air conditioning equipment to keep us comfortable.  But what happens when our AC isn't living up to its expectations?  Insufficient cooling in the workplace is not only uncomfortable, but studies show it can also decrease worker productivity by up to 10% or more.

     A wide variety of factors can result in insufficient cooling, but if you are experiencing it don't assume a major costly repair is needed.  Many causes of reduced cooling can be fixed relatively easily and inexpensively.  


Here are a few of the most common causes:

Dirty Coil

     A dirty condenser coil restricts airflow and thereby reduces the system's capacity to provide cooling.  A simple cleaning of a dirty coil can restore cooling to an underperforming system.



Refrigerant Leak

       If your Air Conditioning System is low on refrigerant, there is a leak.  Contrary to rumors, refrigerant does not break down or disappear over time; the only reason for a low refrigerant charge is a leak in the system.  Once this has been determined, a trained professional can perform a leak check, seal the site of the leak, and recharge the system with refrigerant back to its recommended level.  



Clogged Drain Line / Blockage  

       Debris or other blockage in a drain line can cause a loss of cooling as the system may shut down to prevent damage and water leakage.  A clogged drain line may also result in a water leak, causing additional damage to the surrounding area.



     These causes of insufficient cooling are relatively minor issues to correct, but ignoring them may result in major, costly repairs to be needed such as compressor replacement, water damage repair, or even unit replacement.  

     LANE Associates can help identify and correct any issues with your Air Conditioning System; and get your building back to peak comfortability during this hot summer weather. 

     If you are experiencing any insufficient cooling in your building, give us a call at 1-800-483-6951