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Equipment Life Expectancy

     Nothing lasts forever.  And no matter how well you take care of your HVAC equipment, it will one day need to be replaced.  So how long can you expect your equipment to last?  

     Below is a partial list of useful life expectancy for various equipment types:

Equipment Type Life Expectancy (Years)
Roof-top air conditioners
Cooling Towers
Gas or Electric Unit Heaters
Heat Pumps (water-to-air)

How to Fully Reach Expected Useful Life

     The best way you can help your equipment do this is by performing regular maintenance.  Lack of maintenance can result in additional wear and tear on equipment, drastically reducing its life.  For peak HVAC equipment performance this summer, consider preventive maintenance that includes this partial task schedule for your equipment: 

Standard equipment
     1. Replace air filters
     2. Inspect and change belts as required
     3. Check voltage, amperages, temperatures
     4. Check for proper refrigerant levels and oil levels
Chiller Spring Start up
     1. Check refrigerant and oil levels
     2. Replace liquid line driers and oil filters
     3. Check condition of electrical wiring
     4. Lube all motors and bearings
Cooling Tower Maintenance Task Schedule
     1. Replace belts and adjust as needed
     2. Adjust float valve
     3. Check pulleys
     4. Lubricate motor & blower bearings

     Upon completion of a preventive maintenance inspection, we will provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any upgrades and/or repairs necessary to keep the equipment running at peak efficiency.